18 June, 2006


Monday, June 19, 2006

X had always wondered what caused dimples. why did some of us have them and why others didnt.
they looked good and cute on babies,on chubby-cheeked round-faced people (preferrably the female kind) and it looked GOOD on Y (who has a lil one just below his lips on the RHS of his face).
from practically time immemorial people had emphasized the importance of having a dimple and it's ability to add value to a face.
When X visited a photo studio,she was shown photos of girls who were plainly trying to dig a hole in their cheeks by pushing a finger deep into their faces and thereby creating that all-important dent! X pshawed the whole exercise as futile,thought a bit more about Y's dimple, which he'd pshawed when pointed out and left thinking a dimple wasnt all that important a thing to have afterall.
Soon afterwards in a bout of racous and belly-shaking laughter with a dear friend X suddenly found her face being scrutinised. It seems when she was feeling mirthful to the nth extreme a tiny lil dent appeared on her face and wouldnt you know it, it looked good too!
She tried all the faces she knew of but the blasted thing refused to appear! stubbornly hiding behind all the fat X reasoned morosely...apparently there are some things like once-in-a-blue-moon kind of a dimple too :o)
she smiled in resignation to herself and heard someone say,"hey look at that! never knew you had a dimple!!!" blue moons would appear to be a frequent phenomenon X thought and smiled smugly,dimpling in the process.

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