18 October, 2010

My Bong Adventures

Am asking the mommy-person to blog on my behalf since whenever I get close to a mobile it ends up in my mouth or I like to see how many times I have to throw it before that little thing comes out from the back. My mommy told me it's the battery and I must never think it's a biscuit.Anyhow, I've been brought to my mom's dad's place for the Puja. I think it's my first since I have to accept whatever am told. I do think I did something similar last year but I can't be sure you see. Being on a rocker addles your brains somewhat...all that rocking..Oye ve!
Like I was saying, my mommy's people are very loud, their drums are louder and they all have the same name- Ei. I think it's kinda funny and dumb but my mommy told me I have to be respectful towards all cultures even if they are all about rice, fish, politics and Sourav Ganguly.

Yes, where was I? Hmm..they are all into eating quite a bit and have nice tummies which I can lean back against. Even the aunties. And the other boys here (hardly any girls) are ok. They keep dancing and playing with their mobiles. I see my mommy do that a lot so I knew what they were upto :)Baba keeps me away from most of the noise but he can't keep me away from the mostitoes. They always know where I am and like to come and make me think it's vaccine day :(I miss my bed. My toys. There isn't much to throw here and my mommy's not all that chilled out here since it's hot and sweaty.
She gets bothered and keeps mumbling about a chilled glass of beevo. I don't know what that is but for God's sake give it to her because she's off in the deep end already and counting days till we reach home again.
But I liked this place. It's no Gymboree and there aren't any animals around but it's a zoo anyways (that's what my mommy said) so I guess there MUST be animals around somewhere.
Ok. I had my apple mush and bathed. I have to take my nap now so I can be rested up for the performance in front of guests-I have to show them where the fan is, how it goes round and round and how I can clap.Everyday it's the same thing. These people don't know basic stuff!
So D-UH!

DisclaimerThis writing contains idiomatic expressions. If any notions arise about any animals being in the family then let me clarify it at at the onset that no such creatures exist. Apart from being descended from apes, any other animals in the family are fictitious and their tails, horns and hooves (if they exist) are entirely invisible!

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