09 May, 2011

There's something about one's hometown...

am guessing that of course. I merely have a birth place but no properly defined hometown as such. My life was nomadic right from the start and Calcutta had remained a place where I visited my grandparents or went for the yearly family Durga Puja.

Now with the grandparents gone, the puja coming at a time when it's tough for Red to take leave, the only draw towards this city are my parents. But part of me still thinks of them back in Hyderabad :(

So I needed make a fresh connect with the city I was born in, visited practically every year that I've been alive but strangely (and sadly) know so little of. And what better way than take the summer vacation route? Of course that's stretching things quite a bit. With a kid not attending any school..it's vacation 365 days a year (for him..never for me alas) and whatnot!
But I digress.

MLM and I arrived in Calcutta on Saturday afternoon sans Red. After the usual kacharbachar on flight and while collecting the luggage, we made it to my parents' place. Let me add here that my turning up was a total and complete surprise to my mother who literally jumped for joy seeing us.

And we've been here since...with MLM feeding the birds each morning with my father, and getting acclimatized and introduced to his Bong roots via mishti doi in the khullad and fish curry as of this afternoon.

And he's been eating it all up. The food, the attention, the works!

Now it just remains to take him out and show him the city. And in the process get to know it myself.

These are my things to do-
  • take him to the zoo and the aquarium right opposite.
  • get him to taste a good singari aka samosa to the uninitiated.
  • a meal at Tangra.
  • pastries at Flurys
  • take him to meet with a few great-grandmommies viz my nani's sisters.
But am sure, since the best laid plans do often go awry, so might mine at some juncture...but I'll get a Calcutta darshan out of it for sure!

Bongily Yours....


Shishir said...

Just got back from Kolkata today morning actually...maybe you could get Sid the puchkas also :D Btw try n guess my birth place ;)

Ayanti Reddy said...

Definitely boss! Puchkas will happen..altough post that I don't know if I'll have to set up camp in the loo :(

I vaguely remember something Malek said once..if your birth place anywhere in Gujarat?


Shishir said...