08 May, 2012

If Harry Potter were real...

My life would be mucho different.

Here's how-

  1. I'd Accio my kid every time he tried to get away from me. For that matter, I'd always have every pair of sock that I bought for him. Red wouldn't need to ask me about where his glasses, wallet, mobile, socks, inners and everything else under the sun was!!
  2. Locked bathroom doors and the fear of my child slipping and falling on wet tiles would be taken care of by Alohomora.
  3. I'd Colloportus my closet doors and every other door that small, persistent hands try to open on a daily basis.
  4. All the autowalas would suffer a few Imperios and Crucios every time they side swipped me on the road or cut in.
  5. All sharp edges and corners and not to mention all sorts of things attractive to a child would be covered under Deletrius.
  6. My child would definitely face an Impedimenta  or Imobulus since he's equal to a herd of charging rhinos!
  7. I'd Apparate and Dissaparate out of malls and supermarkets and not have to worry about standing in check out lines. I'd leave moolah for the cashier so no worries of me turning into a bandito!
  8. I'd use Reparo on every damn broken thing- mainly toys and quite a few of my things as well that a marauding baby showed no mercy on.
  9. I'd be able to use Sonorus without feeling the effect of it the next day. And even if I did, I'd Episkey myself all better!
  10. If nothing else, I'd Wingardium Leviosa myself above the clutter of life and just float by while everyone else went into goldfish mode seeing me!
If only...for now I'll keep wishing for the Mirror of Erised :-/


Vineeta said...

Loved this one Ayu Ben! :)

Shishir said...

i have wished a lot of times about the spells and magic being real...especially Avada Kedavra for all my enemies ;)

Ayanti Reddy said...

I hear you baap! Loud and clear!!