24 June, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things indeed!

I am not a sybaritic person by any stretch of the imagination but I DO like my comfort. After a rare (and I mean rare!!!) dinner out with MLM in tow, I came home and crashed and luxuriated in the feel of the soft mattress. It's just right...all foam and not as undulating as a water bed is but without the resistance of a coir mattress and I sleep bestnon it. Although I can pretty much sleep anywhere if I'm tired enough. I have a problem getting rid of old familiar things, especially old clothes. They make fantastic dusters and pochhaas but that apart, does anything feel as good as a tee shirt that's years old and soft like you wouldn't believe? It may be torn in places but somehow that just adds to it's charm. So it's not really old per se...it's tres vintage! There's also the feel of the 'just-right' hair brush. It caresses your scalp and at the same time untangles. Sometimes I've got so carried away with combing my hair while I think something through that by the time I' done my hair's standing all around my head like an electrified halo and then I'm stuck with the job of smoothing it down :o) I have a big-toothed brush that's ideal for wet hair post a shampoo but I swear my scalp responds to it otherwise also! Then there are those slippers you can no never manage to throw away although all thr color and even the logo's got scrubbed off it...but then again, that's me. These are small things when you stop and think about it. Very small things. You're so used to them that you. Don't stop and think about it at all but they add to your comfort and they maybe some of the things that you're most attached to despite them being as inanimate possible. And thank goodness for them!

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