14 May, 2006

love, longing and sweltering

Sunday, May 14, 2006

you know your days as a single woman are numbered when your father asks you one day, "what have you thought about your life?" you do the whole foot shuffling thing and mutter that work is keeping you busy and you might be considering a further academic tag in a while too. he then asks if you feel that might interfere with your settling down. you HAVE to say you dont see how but...he then gently but firmly interrupts and asks if you're seeing anyone. you then say not anymore/not now/no...not really ( take your pick). and then he asks he and your mother can step in look into the prospect of your marriage ( as if it suddenly occured to him over the morning cuppa)? and you say somewhat inaudibly maybe if you could think about it for a while. he then says that they're just going to look and it could take time so there's no rush.
you feel reassured ( falsely as it may actually turn out) and go about your business thinking that phew! this one was a bit better than the birds'n'bees talk wasnt it?
next day when you come back from work your parents swoop down on you and tell you do something to your face and not look like you just exited puberty because photos have to be taken and there's a "potential" somewhere in the concrete jungles of bad ol' USA. when you stammer and sputter that "but, but you said..." they cut you down and say this could be a good boy and we shouldnt pass up the chance and let's see. meeting him doesnt mean having to marry him and keep and open mind yada yada yada.
you stop up the stairs all the while grumbling to yourself, why in the summer? i wont get married before november, before realising that you've already got cast into the mode they wanted and now you've taken the bait!!!!

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