02 April, 2006

trust people to be sympathetic

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

or can you?
the news of suryanarayana's assassination did send shockwaves across the nation. i mean , c'mon we're not israel or palestine where our citizens are being tortured to death daily. we're a nation of people who only get killed every now and then. let it never be said that murder or being murdered is a thing we indulge in regularly! perish the thought!
and perish he did. cut down in the prime of his life with a biwi and 3 kids left to fend for themselves. but hang on..what's this about VS being a bigamist and harboring a wife and another tot unknown to this first family?!! sacre bleu!!! shame of it all.
i went to work today and i heard two of the cleaning women discussing the fates of our world while they swept away each errant leaf and individual foolish enough to come in their path. the convo went something like this-
#1- " to think, we felt sorry for him y'day!"
#2- " i know! how can he do this to his wife and children?"
#1-" men!!!" ( incidentally women will be able to relate to this utterance since it was made while fangs were bared and the talons were being sharpened on the nearest boulder)
#2-" i wish he could have been beheaded once more just for the shame he brought on his family!!"
#1- "you said it sister! let's go and take it out on the loos of this joint! and just to bring back some kind of justice to womenkind, we'll put acid on the toilet seats in the gents' toilets! "
#1- " oh you always think of the most devious things- the feminist movement is alive today because of devoted mathraanis like you!!"

note- the last 2 comments were not actually made by these 2 ladies but i can imagine that they might have indulged in this kind of vitriol had i bothered to listen any further.

note again- if mathraanis is politically incorrect, i most humbly apologize and hope the m********s reading my post wont hold it against me and remember to clean the ladies loo in the 5th floor?

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