23 November, 2010

From the OTHER side?

Early this morning my phone buzzed. Although I wouldn't have registered the buzzing since I sleep like the dead (remember the word dead here, it's key). IF some little boy hadn't kicked me at the exact same time I wouldn't have had a shock at 3 in the morning.

Of course it's a shock that would've hit irrespective of the time so I guess 3 am is as good as 3 pm. Except that at 3 am the believability of the thing that happened was more in my mind..yes yes, I'll stop beating about the bush..

A friend of mine died a while back. Very tragic and all that. Now, some jackass hacked into his account and started sending me IMs.
Now imagine me, groggy and not all that alert to begin with, and suddenly up pops the name of this dearly departed individual asking me if I'm busy or not!! Yikes!

I turned to Red and asked him in hushed voices. Now Red is a born pragmatist. Rather he knows what flies and what doesn't. So in his sleep-filled voice he told me the account must have been hacked and I ought to go back to sleep.

Well DUH! But imagine the jolt!
And now the brainiac hacker's been sending me pings all day long asking me to "get it on", "view his webcam" and even "give him some company since he's lonely" .
I can only imagine what  my reaction would've been had that last message been sent to me early this morning.

All those years of  watching paranormals would've borne fruit and I'd have gone WHOA baby! Get me a Ouija board or something..but seriously? The one thing jerk-off's managed to do is make me think of my friend in a fond way. A first since he passed away.

So for now the hacker's forgiven. But if he asks me to go cyber with him I'll...do something..

Lemme go think of bad things to do to people virtually..Freakshow!

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