03 December, 2010

The ahem ahem of the Lock..

Believe you me! Pope really didn't see this one coming :)

The offspring had a proper haircut yesterday.
When I say proper, it was proper in our eyes but it was HIGHLY improper for the cherub since his locks were shorn with utmost haste and he wasn't even consulted! High dudgeon people!

Initially he was quite the happy little man with his special kiddy chair and all the mirrors around. And then the guy cutting his hair made the cardinal sin of putting the apron on him. Now my son yanks off his bibs within nanoseconds of them being put around his neck. And here was a LONG apron which hid his hands from him to boot!

After searching all over for his hands he finally realized that Mammoosh (tis I) was up to no good at all! And then the symphony of the haircutting began in full steam..

The crescendo of the scream clashed with the buzz of the razor and the rapidly falling locks scattered all over looking like black snowflakes!

Once the indignities were done with the little gentleman ran his hands over his head and over his sniffles did this.. "hee hee"

The touch of the brush-like hair that remained on his head made him laugh. So much so that he kept doing that for the next hour and laughing to himself.
Once he came home his grandfather, later his father, his best friend (already notified by email along with photographic evidence of the deed) were in turns hugely supportive of him, happy for him and rueful...but the person in question remained blissfully unaware.

The light headedness was evident for all! And once his favorite t.v. ads came on he damn near forgot all about all of us

P.S: the boy who cut his hair deserves a mention. He's due to go to Sabarimala shortly. Am SURE he'll pray for a change in profession post the cut!

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