08 January, 2011


There are times (unfortunately they come around waaay too often) that curveballs get chucked your way.
Whether you've stepped up to plate or intend to play or not, a curveball comes whizzing along.
Now you can either duck or play it but I guess you can only duck so often. It's your best bet to try your hand at it at least once. Strangely enough these curveballs are vested with the genetic make-up of heat seeking missiles and tend to follow you around till they go KABLOOOEY! on your or another target. But a KABOOM's a given!

I know it seems tres cryptic but there are times when vagaries keep rattling in your head and it would take too much effort, history and detail to explain it to another individual. So a mysterious blog post kind of takes the edge of the whirly-gig that's been sent after you.

Or the oddity of the prose here could arise from zip, zero, zilch sleep and not nearly enough of stimulants in my blood on this fine and chilly Saturday morning.

Naah...vagaries are better. Vagaries of madcaps are even better sounding.
But I'll be damned if it doesn't feel good to get this stuff out of my head.

PS: On an entirely unrelated note and in my usual digressing fashion-books will take the cake over their movie counterparts any day. A person's prose and thoughts sometimes ought not to be portrayed over the visual medium...the grizzliness gets diluted. It's better in the recesses of the mind where things fester more under the mortar and pestle of our thoughts...

Here endeth the lesson


Malvika said...

'Here ends the lesson...' reminds me of Bible Scripture Readings in church where they end by saying, "here ends the 1st lesson...may God add His blessings to the reading of this scripture!"

Curveball reminded me of how the firangs also call it 'skewball,' - a deliberation to make it sound like 'screwball.' So...that's about balls for now. Here's hoping there are less of kabooms or kablooeys to duck! OOO

Ayanti Reddy said...

Thank you!

The 1st time I heard the phrase, "Here endeth the lesson", was from Sean Connery in the Untouchables.

Kinda stuck with me...and yes, screwballs definitely abound and they screw with the curveballs..