05 February, 2011

to meme or may-may?

Call me stupid (seriously, DON'T!) but my understanding and pronunciation of the word "meme" was derived from the the word "me" and that most of them seem to be personal and usually in the 1st person-or so I thought.

While making the offspring's breakfast this morning I happened to talk to Red about doing a meme for the monkey and he burst into gales of laughter and almost pranced about in happiness that he was able to get me on the wrong foot about the definition and pronunciation of a word. I AM a bit particular, I'll admit, about the way words are uttered and it's a source of irritation and amusement amongst my bunch of goofballs.

Anyhoo, Red told me with the right amount of condescension and amusement that the word way pronounced as "may- may" but not stretching out the "a" sound. A short one. And he told me that was NOT about a list of things circulated only about the self but pretty much about anything and anyone.

I love a challenge! Always have! So here we are, logged in and checked up on the meaning and pronunciation of the word. Only to find that it's "meem"! Whoda thunk it?

But as always, I need to have the last word even blogged as it were, and say that at least my mispronounced version was closer to the actual one that his was!

In your face geekboy!!

PS: My meem on my child will spew forth shortly. After I go and find out which other words I've been mispronouncing :) 

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