09 December, 2011

So shoot me!! I get ahead of myself...it's the one thing I CAN do mentally since I have small feet and it takes me forever to go anywhere or keep up with anyone else :p but I do have a strong tendency to jump the gun and sometimes, Praise be the Lord of Russian Roulette for Thou Art Indeed Merciful, the said firearm doesn't misfire.

A lot of people often tell me stuff they are deeply invested in, with some amount of caution. They know the moment they tell me I'll be ricocheting off and planning the way ahead whereas they'll be the ones (im)patiently waiting for things to actually happen. But there's a joy I find in possibilities. More than the probables, its the possible that unlocks your imagination and increases your normally pedestrian limits to absolutely freaky ones. 

I'll give a wee example right about now...my kid's been under the weather on and off for a while now. I saw 'under' purely from a figurative standpoint. That he's been ON my head is the truth. Anyhow, while still a distance from being A-Ok he showed some improvement this morning when I saw one nostril relatively unblocked while the other one looked like I'd need dynamite to clear a path through it. And off I went- thinking of all the things he'd be able to do once he's better and symptom-free. Hang on...that's not good...didn't think it through...him being symptom free is tantamount to a full scale demolition drive :-)

But all those ramifications apart...being able to let my mind race ahead and often just see a whole plethora of things happenings gives me a feeling of being liberated, whether all those things eventually come to be or not is a whole different blog post. Somewhere I know that the probability of all of them getting fulfilled is quite low, but letting the mind unfettered by pragmatism is one of things which I think people should knowingly indulge in now and then. It would surprise them the extent to which imagination still plays a role in our largely mundane, hectic, deadline-bound lives.

And once routine and need-to-dos, must-dos et al intervene and we get back to the grind (not an unpleasant thing as I've come to realize), we can just wait for another opportunity when imagination again takes flight away from the prosaic, the pedantic and into the realm of the slightly whimsical carelessness.

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