27 November, 2011

Ruminative Mornings...

Every city has it's own feel, a vibe if you will. My hometown has always seemed to be like a crowd of gawkers. There's a lot of energy that abounds but it's not like a lot of productive stuff is getting done.

The city I've settled down in is quite relaxed...to the point of seeming sluggish. Calling it laid back can be an euphemism. It's entire nature seems to be Manana...what's the hurry? Take it easy. Have a margarita...okay so maybe it doesn't give off a margarita vibe either but it's not about the hustle and bustle either.

But take an early morning and most cities across the world will seem similar if not downright alike. There's a stirring, a bit of reluctance, a lot of freshness and just that easy, slow languor of a city and it's people coming to, before it dons the garb of it's usual look.

There are some clearly marked distinctions in it's people as well.
There are those who clear are NOT die-hard fans of early morning rising and are compelled to do so by pressing reasons. They don't seem awake internally although they're awake and functioning. Their lights aren't entirely off; but dimmed till their own rooster crows and they awaken.

Then there are those who rise with the sun, maybe even before and seem to want to capture each ray of the sun on themselves. They aren't just chipper if you look closely you can really see them dew-dappled and daisy fresh!

I was looking out the window of the cab while I rode to the airport and it didn't seem like I wasn't in my own city. There are patches in every major city which could just as belong to another hundreds of miles away.

I think I might just have discovered my calling- discovering a new city at dawn every so often. It'll make for some interesting vignettes and some good picture postcards- the ones captured by the lens of the camera and the ones taken by the mind's eye.

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