12 December, 2010

Babbling Conspiracies

Red went and got his lawn mowed.

The offspring stared at him for quite a while and then gave a tentative smile but smiled nonetheless. All the way back home he kept looking at his father to see if it really was the original big-headed guy :)

Everyone needs a change. Babies need a change from the person hugging them, husbands need a change from the wife's chatter and tune her out via t.v. and well wives changes in many ways.

I find that going shopping for myself and picking up stuff that's ostensibly from Red works for me just dandy!

The kiddo's communication skills have gone up notches. He met a lil compatriot from his Gymboree sessions and after the initial kissy-kissy, patty-patty both of them conspired to go and start rifling through the shelves at M&S. It happened quite suddenly. One moment they were advancing towards each other with arms open and 2 sets of parents all Ahh..Ohh-ing and then they changed course and the deos were under attack..

I wonder what it was they said but there's tremendous coordination amongst the babbling done by tots...ever since I saw Look Who's Talking and now seeing my own kid, I can't help but think they are way ahead of us in their interaction. Just because we don't get them doesn't mean it doesn't sense.

Understanding your kids is just the tip of the iceberg. Getting them to understand you? Well that's where the life time of blood, sweat and tears come in. Or so I've been told by my own parents.


P.S: I live with 2 semi-baldies now...the laughter quotient of my life just went up exponentially!

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