08 December, 2010

The fussy in me..

My folks have always despaired of my impatience and the lack of sticktoittiveness, my father especially. The only thing he's found me doing consistently well is reading. Not the academic material. Perish the thought! Wonly books for pleasure thank you very much!

And Red wonders why my templates change so much. Rather he used to wonder, now he wonders how many nuts are there of my ilk in this world and tries to cater to this nuttiness in his work (you never know who your customers may end up being eh? *nudge nudge*)

So this is an oddity meme-

  • The moment I start blogging I immediately start thinking about which user pic will be best with the current post.
  • The moment I use a new phone (and I do it quite often unfortunately) I start with the customization of ringtones, pictures, labels yada yada and more yada.
  • The wallpaper on the laptop's seldom the same week on week.
  • Ditto for the mobile wallpaper.
  • Double ditto on the mobile ringtone.
  • The moment I get cheesed off at my BFF2 I change the nickname on my cell to something less than flattering (looking askance and sheepishly too).
  • I change the template on my blog to reflect my mood at the moment or the type of blogs that seem to be getting generated AND...
  • I can spend hours thinking about new knives to buy and actually searching for them.
The last one was totally out of the line up but hell! Oddity meme so the theme's gotta be adhered to.

What I've realized over the years is that while it may just be idiosyncratic to most, it's terribly important to me that things be totally personalized. Things that I come into regular contact with ought to be in a manner that looks good ergo makes me feel good or better. There's no logic behind it. It just is.

And why are some of you thinking OCD? Am not neurotic at all! Now I must go wash my hands 10 times before checking all the position of all the switches in the house!


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Vij said...

hehe your posts always make me lol :)
and girl you so have OCD :P