15 November, 2011

The Bamboozling Baby

My son has a fever today. He came home feeling a bit warm (98ish) and that was an indication that he might have fever by evening. For the uninitiated- my offspring maintains a near reptilian body temperature of 35 C or so. Ergo, the closer he gets to the norm for a human being I know without a doubt, a fever's on the way.

Now, begins the fun part- he will NOT rest although he LOVES to take his syrups (thinks they are all types of honey) and he refuses to keep his socks on even though the floor's pretty cold. He loves the shoes though but off they go flying through the air if he feels "constricted".
I gave him a few warnings, he didn't listen. So he was put on a timeout in his cot with a bunch of his toys. After the first few toys went quickly airborne, he settled down to playtime where all the toys were given a liberal dose of his opinion that his mother was bad! They turned out to pretty stoic as an audience so he opted for some play time with crayons and renting a coloring book apart. O Joy!

Every now and then though he'd look at me and say ask to be taken out of captivity. I'd ignore him or say 'No'. After all his sad faces turned up futile, he started with the endearments- 'Betu'..making smacking sounds, blowing me kisses, even went to the extent of calling me 'Mamma' rather than by my name.
When even that fell flat he sat down frowning for a bit and was quiet. That quiet was SO loud that I stopped what I was doing and started staring at him. If you know my child, you'll know quiet spells come along only with high grade fevers or portend impending catastrophes.

THAT was when El Nino 2011 played his trump card. He clamped his hands over his butt and said, "pottypottypottypotty". I had a feeling I was possibly being played but had to take him to the loo just to be sure. And I'd been had BIG time...the moment he sat down on the toilet seat and I backed away, he slid off saying, " Otey! Potty finish. Bye!" and ran out of the bathroom towards the living room.

Of course he's back in captivity now and alternating with the glares and sad faces and asking about all his possible rescuers viz his grandparents, his father and some t.v. characters (Noddy, Chhota Bheem& The Simpsons).
As for me, I'm contemplating whether it'd be against the Geneva Convention to put a funnel in his mouth and feed him mush for dinner (he won't sit and chew stuff if he's got a cold and fever) and if I can glue/ scotch tape his socks around his feet.

In the meanwhile, if you'd like to know what a child does when quarantined in a cot, take a look see at this video. Kids around the world are the same- willful, determined and MUCH smarter than their parents.

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