12 November, 2011

Oh me...Oh my

I know exactly what category of mothers I fall into. I'm the 'ever-gobsmacked-never-able-accept-my-child-is-like-this' kind of mater.

Maybe most mothers go through this phase but from where I stand, there's me, there's the human dynamo and there's me again with a mop and cleaning rag.

Let me clarify- he isn't one of those kids who're tantrumy or perpetually knocking things down; he's horrendously curious and there are certain things that he's convinced his little mind are good for him. So when his nemesis-cum-beanbag of a mother thwarts him, it's usually gory.

The most apt description that comes to my mind is that my son is a mix of the manic phase of the obsessed Chucky doll with the overall sweetness of the original one. He makes me feel like I'm in a barnyard and he's the cacophony of all the animals; in one go.

His speech is still slurry and his attempt at saying everything and rapidly leads to funny kinds of sounds emanating that we have to listen very closely to before being able to decipher it. Yup, what Red and I do is very close to code-breaking. A new age Enigma of sorts. Only no Unterseeboots for us to avoid here. It's a torpedo of words that'll blow you away into fatigue, laughter and wonder.

The current thing is reciting nursery rhymes. We suddenly get to know he knows a particular one because he's not one for repeating things when asked. And we made a point to not become those parents who're constantly trying to find out what the kid learnt in playschool. It *is* playschool for God's sake. He'll have a repetition of most of things in Nursery again. 
Trying to teach him rhymes or counting at home needs to be an activity that's constantly mobile. He took to counting very well since it involved going up and down the stairs. But the A,B,C and poems need to be enacted and each time with more energy and animation else the stickler for performance that he is, he makes me do it all over again. And again. And again.

Last night before bed time he wanted a recitation of Incy, Wincy Spider or as he calls it- Ishiwishiflawa *rolls eyes*. He directed me to move here and there before he was satisfied with my "placement" as it were and then he adjusted the comforter onto us and then gave me the signal to begin singing. And if the tone is off (after 100 performances throughout the day) he'll say Ayu, No, No and shake his head and keep repeating the name of the poem till I get it right.
I have a feeling he's got the temperament to be a music conductor (only difference being he's more likely to hit someone with his baton if they aren't getting things right) or a movie director. All the signs of wanting things to be organized perfectly, very very mise en place before it's off to Mother Goose land :)

But despite all this and stupidly after all this time, I am AMAZED how positive he is, how affectionate he is and how utterly energetic he remains throughout the day. Hitting the ground running is a phase that he seems to believe has to be taken literally. 

Anyhow, my morning alone time's come to an end soon the sounds of 'Ayuuu' will float through the house the rounds of heels hitting the floor will follow till I'm found. Lemme go sneak up on him for a change and have the day my way...!!

Evil Mommy over and out!

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