09 April, 2012

Posts from the Past- Part I

I turned a year old yesterday. I've long stopped expecting to turn wiser. Never happens when I need it to kick in anyhow :-(
Red made plans to stay in a resort about 2 hours drive from home. With traffic, a squirmy kid in the back seat 
 ( who was pleading to be let out 'peeease) during long waits at signals and my grumbling about us never stopping long enough at places for me to take 'interesting' snapshots- it was a relief to finally pull up at the reception of a place that had actually begun to feel like it was in a different state altogether!

Red opted for a bit more comfort this time as compared to our Goa trip and one which has more activities for MLM. But the moment the grand entry was made into the room, the monkey spotted the outdoor splash pool

 and forgot everything else.
I could practially hear the Halleluahs going off all around his head as the angels sang and the heralds harked.
Gross exaggeration? I think not. Kids love water. Check. Kids love places where they feel comfortable and in control of their immediate surroundings. Check! So when MLM found an MLM-sized water body just 2 steps from the room, he waited no longer and stripped off and got his float out and got into the water! Although he didn't care much for the waterfall that could also be turned on and off in the pool.

Red and I ran about taking care of more prosaic things like getting towels, making sure there were clothes for him to wear when he got out and the AC was turned off so his goosebumps didn't get goosebumps of their own.

The room is just right.  
Red termed in beautifully in calling it 'measured perfection'. Now perfection differs from perception to perception and is fairly hard to find because our notions of it changes like the weather.

We'd vacationed in Maldives on Red's 29th. It was unfettered perfection. We didn't know what to do and what not to do. Should we sit on the beach all day long and just watch the waves? Did that.
Should we step out of our cottage and into the shallow pools below where tropical fish gathered at all times of day and night? Did that too.
Should we walk along white sands and just get into a gooey romantic moment with wispy white tents pitched for our comfort and white wine served to get us buzzed into 'la la land'? Check!!
Maldives was an assault on the senses and I for one, went for overkill because I knew it was most likely to be a one-off thing. I lived a bacchanalian life those 5 days and it's become a dream vacation.

But the place we're staying now is very normal indeed. But it caters to almost everything we need now as parents. An eating joint for kids (which we'll try for lunch today) that serves only kiddy food or they make it the way we want them to. A babysitting service (AMEN! AMEN! AMENN!!) and a kiddy play area 

segregated by age as well as the run of the mill slides and swing sets all located conveniently nearby or motor able courtesy those puttering golf carts. Again, that's something we'll try in a bit.

We had a great breakfast, let MLM whoop his way down the slide  
and laugh like a loon and then...we hit the big pool. There was another family with kids slightly older than MLM and they'd been in the water longer than him. Naturally he felt compelled to cannonball into the water along with them as well.
So there we were, Red playing lifeguard, MLM with his Nemo hand floats and me, a 30-something woman floating around lazily with my kid's Mickey Mouse tube ring. Truly perfection. 

After the optimum time had been spent splashing about in the pool viz fingers had begun to prune and MLM had drunk enough of water to sputter it up, we decided to head back to the room.

Now, I'm drafting out the blog post. Red's reading the paper and MLM's watching his Oswald cds on the Home Theater system in our room.

I could really, really, REALLY get used to this :-)

Sybaritically Yours,


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