09 April, 2012

Posts from the Past- Part III

There are elements that add to how successful a vacation will end up being.
It's a venture, in my eyes, like many others; especially with a small child in tow.

The accommodation, weather, amenities of the place you're staying in, the other people along with you (whether known or strangers) and very important is the number of days you end up staying.
See, the number of days is the deal clincher or deal breaker as it many be. You stay too few days and you're left with a feeling of having eaten too little and hunger pangs gnaw at you all the way back home. And stay too long, well it's almost tantamount to not only having eaten your fill but overeaten and not wanting to walk past food for some more time to come.

The resort we're still in is really well planned in every manner possible. And I'm not saying that just for the nanny service they have on offer. It has provisions for the different age groups, different types of people altogether.

For those whom relaxation spells spa treatment and putting their feet up and being inert, this place is aces. Your credit card will get burn marks but you only live properly on holidays, right?
For those who can sit still,for those who need the music, the cold brewskies at the end of a splash et al there's a whole different set-up included. Now before I end up sounding like their ambassador, let me get back to the actual focus of the blog post- optimum number of days to stay on a vacation.

Keeping in mind the make-up of the vacation party (in our case parents and child) it's best to do what is convenient for most. Little children, though, they seem to be perfectly at ease and gambolling about, usually get uncomfortable being away from their home before long. The changes get manifested in disturbance in sleeping patterns, fluctuation in their food intake and overall behavior. They may not be whinny or moody but even a fun place isn't home filled with their familiar odds and ends.

But looking back at other trips/visits we've taken with our little man, Red and I have come to a conclusion: we need to make a pool an integral part of our lives. Apart from the fun part of it all, the way this side so naturally takes to water is a thrill to behold.
With his little legs busy pedalling away underwater, he reminded me of that little duck from the Tom&Jerry cartoons.

Now I need to wind up because there's some packing left and I can't wait to be home either!

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