08 January, 2012

Gym Chronicles-I

This is becoming what I like to call my version of the Huffington Post. Only in my head since there are copyright issues et al to consider. But Huffington because I huff and puff and almost get blown away and there's only one piggie to consider- again moi.

Ok back on track, back on track, keep up, keep up...hup two, three four! Very few people frequent a gym on Saturday afternoons and I'm glad. Sometimes a bit of solitude is also good while you're doing your thing on the cross trainers. But seriously two things- Akon and his Mr.Lonely. Not cool dude. Not cool. 1) Because it's animal cruelty to make chipmunks sing and that too such a lame song. 2) Because who in their right mind wants to work out with THAT song playing in the background. I swear my pace on the treadmill slowed down some.

But people who choose the music in gyms must know (or are just tone deaf) that an up tempo song automatically induces some stamina or increases the pace even a wee bit in the people exercising. Well it always has for me and I can't believe I'm the only one out there who speeds up and unconsciously undulates the hips to zesty songs. So they rectified their Akorny mistake and played Chhammak Chhalo...I increased my speed on the treadmill from 3.5 km/hr to 4.8! See. That's empirical data for you.

Ok, onto second uncool thing- why do the bicycle seats have to be so hard and SO small? Some of us happen to have enhanced our seating area and if the bicycle seat is the kind where my 2+ kid sits on, I think that's hardly fair! But I persevered keeping pay offs in mind and sat through a 15 minute cycling session. What happened to me afterwards hardly merits a mention beyond the fact that when gluteus maximus muscles fall asleep and then start waking up in patches, walking back is a pain indeed.

But coming home to a loving family where one ran to me and greeted me with open arms and the other said, "Go bathe, you stink". Made it all worthwhile.

Alrighty then. Even prisoners have time off for good behavior and I shall make use of my time to nurse the glutes back to health so they can get back on the horse come Monday.

*would salute but my arms hurt too much*

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Shishir said...

i think u are lucky coz they played Akon in your gym. In my office gym i have only heard songs from Rajnikanth's Robot and also 1 pro-Telengana song...imagine working out to that! :D