08 January, 2012

High points of the day...

  1. Saw the offspring eat chocolate covered ketchup or vice versa and say "yum" with every bit.
  2. The monkey licked some ketchup off his french fries and found it lacking; instead of dipping it in ketchup again, he fed it to Red. Twice.
  3. Red had a nice, contented look on his face on being fed by his son suddenly. I chose not to enlighten him.
  4. Monkey boy sang the chorus of Bahara in the car each time the song came up.
  5. He also provided the "aaaa" vocals to  the chorus of Sadka Kiya
  6. MLM went looking for me all over the house calling out "Betu, betu, betuuuuuu".
  7. The crisp, clean sheets of the bed and with no clothes on it. For once.
  8. MLM smiling beatifically while watching Noddy and not clamoring for Chhota Bheem. For a change.
  9. Red and MLM watching Noddy Saves Christmas with rapt attention. One forgot to feed the other. The other forgot to eat.
  10. I managed to blog uninterrupted today. Twice.

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