16 January, 2012

Sunday workouts...

I got major surprise yesterday the gym. To the extent that I almost stood still while I was on the treadmill and we all know that'd have been funny!
To suddenly stop while on a moving object means that the momentum will carry you back and make sure you land on your hieney!

Red had brought MLM out for a walk in the sun and they decided to trek up to the gym and say hello. Two of the trainers got MLM inside the exercise area and they crept up on me much to his delight. He kept giggling like a girl and covering his mouth with his hands and saying, "Mamma, hee hee hee". I guess seeing his mother all hot and bothered gave him his entertainment for the day.

But then I saw his eyes light up...all those equipments to climb up on...those cycles most of all! Thankfully I was feeling the sting of the cold still and wrapped up my exercise quickly else it'd have been tough taking him away from it all.

My kid loose inside a gym...ye gods! Memberships cancellation stories are made of this :)

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