09 January, 2012

Gym Chronicles-II

Hips Don't Lie!
In fact they're probably the most truthful part of your body when you're feeling this terrible pull of gravity and your knees want to kiss the ground desperately.

I apparently don't have very fat hips (accordingly to La Trainer Madame) but I need to work on them so they can carry the weight of a body that's out of shape. Way to go on making me feel better about myself!

Anyhoo...post the weights today my trainer said, "Let's cool down." I was happy...finally, my heart gets to stop galloping! She made me lie on the mats and said look up at the ceiling and hold the pose for 8 counts. Eeks. What kind of a trade-off is it when you get a neck cramp instead of feeling silent screams of your muscles.

But all gripes aside...I'm realizing which parts of my body are actually weak from disuse or are underutilized.
My arms don't have the same amount of strength. While that is true of the preferred hand vs. the non-preferred one but while working on toning the muscles of the upper body I find the biceps cry out for mercy the quickest.

The people at the gym are fairly sensible...they don't want me competing in Mrs.World by next year. They're letting me try out the basics and seeing where I falter the most. Those will form the exercise routine going forward.
But on a positive note..I increased the amount of weights I can pull a bit. Just a bit but I was hearing Rocky's theme song in my ears and I could've juxtaposed myself in Stallone's place running up the steps and then doing the jubilant jig.

My mind's a scary place I know. Who knows, maybe after the body gets in shape I can think about tackling the noggin.


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