19 June, 2006

rainy day recollections

X met Y for a walk in the park. They looked askance at each other. Wisps of smiles breached their lips. Should-I's going through their minds. A tentative hand would be reached out only to be snatched away at the last moment. X cursed the so-called male perogative and imposed coyness eve's suffer from and Y gritted his teeth and looked for some sign that a tightly packed punch wouldnt be forthcoming he if decided to be such. The silently muttered whimsies, frustrations and longings were heard and the skies answered.
It rained whales and elephants and they were forced to hide under a tree which bowed to the orders of the wind and dumped water on them (along with some birds' nests) and drenched them even more thoroughly.
Cold, wet and by now freezing they huddled close together out in the open, the rain no longer a bother, only a welcome spray that swept away inhibitions and brought out the till-now hidden spark of desire, longing and tenderness with an all-encompassing awareness of each other and the words which were left unspoken.
X wanted the walk to go on and hoped the rains wouldnt abate. Y wanted the rains to abate because now he had a precedence established and would no longer need the rains to set the mood or the stage.
the downpour dimmed but X&Y walked out hand in hand and felt for the first time the truth in the saying, "into every life some rain must fall."

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