27 December, 2010

Turn of the Decade...

It's far more the 'done thing' to be in the turn of a century but decades arrive faster so here's how the last decade revolved for me..

  • Stayed away from my folks for the 1st time and got to know independence to some extent.
  • Finished my education (the ones which come with certificates that announce the conclusion of something- the actual one continues)
  • Found my best friend+1.
  • Worked and came to realize that education hadn't really prepared me for much. A lot of it was touch and go, touch and feel and just learn on the job types.
  • Finally put down roots- in more ways than one.
  • Had a kid.
  • Found ambition.
  • Let ambition take a back seat.
  • Understood my parents. Just a bit more.
  • Detested some things.
  • Loved some more.
  • Didn't travel much.
  • Reconnected with the ones who mattered at the right time.
  • Realized that some goodbyes are meant to be forever whereas others are transient at best.
  • Learnt to slow down somewhat and smell and lot more than just roses.
  • Let go of my caffeine dependence (YAY!!)
  • Got to know myself a bit more via my child.
  • Realized that some of the 7 deadly sins aren't really that deadly...just to be indulged in moderately.
  • Began to dream again...about life, about me about tomorrow.

12 December, 2010

Babbling Conspiracies

Red went and got his lawn mowed.

The offspring stared at him for quite a while and then gave a tentative smile but smiled nonetheless. All the way back home he kept looking at his father to see if it really was the original big-headed guy :)

Everyone needs a change. Babies need a change from the person hugging them, husbands need a change from the wife's chatter and tune her out via t.v. and well wives changes in many ways.

I find that going shopping for myself and picking up stuff that's ostensibly from Red works for me just dandy!

The kiddo's communication skills have gone up notches. He met a lil compatriot from his Gymboree sessions and after the initial kissy-kissy, patty-patty both of them conspired to go and start rifling through the shelves at M&S. It happened quite suddenly. One moment they were advancing towards each other with arms open and 2 sets of parents all Ahh..Ohh-ing and then they changed course and the deos were under attack..

I wonder what it was they said but there's tremendous coordination amongst the babbling done by tots...ever since I saw Look Who's Talking and now seeing my own kid, I can't help but think they are way ahead of us in their interaction. Just because we don't get them doesn't mean it doesn't sense.

Understanding your kids is just the tip of the iceberg. Getting them to understand you? Well that's where the life time of blood, sweat and tears come in. Or so I've been told by my own parents.


P.S: I live with 2 semi-baldies now...the laughter quotient of my life just went up exponentially!

08 December, 2010

The fussy in me..

My folks have always despaired of my impatience and the lack of sticktoittiveness, my father especially. The only thing he's found me doing consistently well is reading. Not the academic material. Perish the thought! Wonly books for pleasure thank you very much!

And Red wonders why my templates change so much. Rather he used to wonder, now he wonders how many nuts are there of my ilk in this world and tries to cater to this nuttiness in his work (you never know who your customers may end up being eh? *nudge nudge*)

So this is an oddity meme-

  • The moment I start blogging I immediately start thinking about which user pic will be best with the current post.
  • The moment I use a new phone (and I do it quite often unfortunately) I start with the customization of ringtones, pictures, labels yada yada and more yada.
  • The wallpaper on the laptop's seldom the same week on week.
  • Ditto for the mobile wallpaper.
  • Double ditto on the mobile ringtone.
  • The moment I get cheesed off at my BFF2 I change the nickname on my cell to something less than flattering (looking askance and sheepishly too).
  • I change the template on my blog to reflect my mood at the moment or the type of blogs that seem to be getting generated AND...
  • I can spend hours thinking about new knives to buy and actually searching for them.
The last one was totally out of the line up but hell! Oddity meme so the theme's gotta be adhered to.

What I've realized over the years is that while it may just be idiosyncratic to most, it's terribly important to me that things be totally personalized. Things that I come into regular contact with ought to be in a manner that looks good ergo makes me feel good or better. There's no logic behind it. It just is.

And why are some of you thinking OCD? Am not neurotic at all! Now I must go wash my hands 10 times before checking all the position of all the switches in the house!


03 December, 2010

The ahem ahem of the Lock..

Believe you me! Pope really didn't see this one coming :)

The offspring had a proper haircut yesterday.
When I say proper, it was proper in our eyes but it was HIGHLY improper for the cherub since his locks were shorn with utmost haste and he wasn't even consulted! High dudgeon people!

Initially he was quite the happy little man with his special kiddy chair and all the mirrors around. And then the guy cutting his hair made the cardinal sin of putting the apron on him. Now my son yanks off his bibs within nanoseconds of them being put around his neck. And here was a LONG apron which hid his hands from him to boot!

After searching all over for his hands he finally realized that Mammoosh (tis I) was up to no good at all! And then the symphony of the haircutting began in full steam..

The crescendo of the scream clashed with the buzz of the razor and the rapidly falling locks scattered all over looking like black snowflakes!

Once the indignities were done with the little gentleman ran his hands over his head and over his sniffles did this.. "hee hee"

The touch of the brush-like hair that remained on his head made him laugh. So much so that he kept doing that for the next hour and laughing to himself.
Once he came home his grandfather, later his father, his best friend (already notified by email along with photographic evidence of the deed) were in turns hugely supportive of him, happy for him and rueful...but the person in question remained blissfully unaware.

The light headedness was evident for all! And once his favorite t.v. ads came on he damn near forgot all about all of us

P.S: the boy who cut his hair deserves a mention. He's due to go to Sabarimala shortly. Am SURE he'll pray for a change in profession post the cut!