27 November, 2011

Ruminative Mornings...

Every city has it's own feel, a vibe if you will. My hometown has always seemed to be like a crowd of gawkers. There's a lot of energy that abounds but it's not like a lot of productive stuff is getting done.

The city I've settled down in is quite relaxed...to the point of seeming sluggish. Calling it laid back can be an euphemism. It's entire nature seems to be Manana...what's the hurry? Take it easy. Have a margarita...okay so maybe it doesn't give off a margarita vibe either but it's not about the hustle and bustle either.

But take an early morning and most cities across the world will seem similar if not downright alike. There's a stirring, a bit of reluctance, a lot of freshness and just that easy, slow languor of a city and it's people coming to, before it dons the garb of it's usual look.

There are some clearly marked distinctions in it's people as well.
There are those who clear are NOT die-hard fans of early morning rising and are compelled to do so by pressing reasons. They don't seem awake internally although they're awake and functioning. Their lights aren't entirely off; but dimmed till their own rooster crows and they awaken.

Then there are those who rise with the sun, maybe even before and seem to want to capture each ray of the sun on themselves. They aren't just chipper if you look closely you can really see them dew-dappled and daisy fresh!

I was looking out the window of the cab while I rode to the airport and it didn't seem like I wasn't in my own city. There are patches in every major city which could just as belong to another hundreds of miles away.

I think I might just have discovered my calling- discovering a new city at dawn every so often. It'll make for some interesting vignettes and some good picture postcards- the ones captured by the lens of the camera and the ones taken by the mind's eye.

15 November, 2011

The Bamboozling Baby

My son has a fever today. He came home feeling a bit warm (98ish) and that was an indication that he might have fever by evening. For the uninitiated- my offspring maintains a near reptilian body temperature of 35 C or so. Ergo, the closer he gets to the norm for a human being I know without a doubt, a fever's on the way.

Now, begins the fun part- he will NOT rest although he LOVES to take his syrups (thinks they are all types of honey) and he refuses to keep his socks on even though the floor's pretty cold. He loves the shoes though but off they go flying through the air if he feels "constricted".
I gave him a few warnings, he didn't listen. So he was put on a timeout in his cot with a bunch of his toys. After the first few toys went quickly airborne, he settled down to playtime where all the toys were given a liberal dose of his opinion that his mother was bad! They turned out to pretty stoic as an audience so he opted for some play time with crayons and renting a coloring book apart. O Joy!

Every now and then though he'd look at me and say ask to be taken out of captivity. I'd ignore him or say 'No'. After all his sad faces turned up futile, he started with the endearments- 'Betu'..making smacking sounds, blowing me kisses, even went to the extent of calling me 'Mamma' rather than by my name.
When even that fell flat he sat down frowning for a bit and was quiet. That quiet was SO loud that I stopped what I was doing and started staring at him. If you know my child, you'll know quiet spells come along only with high grade fevers or portend impending catastrophes.

THAT was when El Nino 2011 played his trump card. He clamped his hands over his butt and said, "pottypottypottypotty". I had a feeling I was possibly being played but had to take him to the loo just to be sure. And I'd been had BIG time...the moment he sat down on the toilet seat and I backed away, he slid off saying, " Otey! Potty finish. Bye!" and ran out of the bathroom towards the living room.

Of course he's back in captivity now and alternating with the glares and sad faces and asking about all his possible rescuers viz his grandparents, his father and some t.v. characters (Noddy, Chhota Bheem& The Simpsons).
As for me, I'm contemplating whether it'd be against the Geneva Convention to put a funnel in his mouth and feed him mush for dinner (he won't sit and chew stuff if he's got a cold and fever) and if I can glue/ scotch tape his socks around his feet.

In the meanwhile, if you'd like to know what a child does when quarantined in a cot, take a look see at this video. Kids around the world are the same- willful, determined and MUCH smarter than their parents.

12 November, 2011

Oh me...Oh my

I know exactly what category of mothers I fall into. I'm the 'ever-gobsmacked-never-able-accept-my-child-is-like-this' kind of mater.

Maybe most mothers go through this phase but from where I stand, there's me, there's the human dynamo and there's me again with a mop and cleaning rag.

Let me clarify- he isn't one of those kids who're tantrumy or perpetually knocking things down; he's horrendously curious and there are certain things that he's convinced his little mind are good for him. So when his nemesis-cum-beanbag of a mother thwarts him, it's usually gory.

The most apt description that comes to my mind is that my son is a mix of the manic phase of the obsessed Chucky doll with the overall sweetness of the original one. He makes me feel like I'm in a barnyard and he's the cacophony of all the animals; in one go.

His speech is still slurry and his attempt at saying everything and rapidly leads to funny kinds of sounds emanating that we have to listen very closely to before being able to decipher it. Yup, what Red and I do is very close to code-breaking. A new age Enigma of sorts. Only no Unterseeboots for us to avoid here. It's a torpedo of words that'll blow you away into fatigue, laughter and wonder.

The current thing is reciting nursery rhymes. We suddenly get to know he knows a particular one because he's not one for repeating things when asked. And we made a point to not become those parents who're constantly trying to find out what the kid learnt in playschool. It *is* playschool for God's sake. He'll have a repetition of most of things in Nursery again. 
Trying to teach him rhymes or counting at home needs to be an activity that's constantly mobile. He took to counting very well since it involved going up and down the stairs. But the A,B,C and poems need to be enacted and each time with more energy and animation else the stickler for performance that he is, he makes me do it all over again. And again. And again.

Last night before bed time he wanted a recitation of Incy, Wincy Spider or as he calls it- Ishiwishiflawa *rolls eyes*. He directed me to move here and there before he was satisfied with my "placement" as it were and then he adjusted the comforter onto us and then gave me the signal to begin singing. And if the tone is off (after 100 performances throughout the day) he'll say Ayu, No, No and shake his head and keep repeating the name of the poem till I get it right.
I have a feeling he's got the temperament to be a music conductor (only difference being he's more likely to hit someone with his baton if they aren't getting things right) or a movie director. All the signs of wanting things to be organized perfectly, very very mise en place before it's off to Mother Goose land :)

But despite all this and stupidly after all this time, I am AMAZED how positive he is, how affectionate he is and how utterly energetic he remains throughout the day. Hitting the ground running is a phase that he seems to believe has to be taken literally. 

Anyhow, my morning alone time's come to an end soon the sounds of 'Ayuuu' will float through the house the rounds of heels hitting the floor will follow till I'm found. Lemme go sneak up on him for a change and have the day my way...!!

Evil Mommy over and out!

11 November, 2011

A First: Pet Store Visit

Pre-P.S: "This blog was written out but not posted towards the end of August. In a way it's good because there's an addendum to it and that's- ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
Once you read till the end it'll make more sense."

I never knew how much I liked animals or how long it's been since I handled a baby. I got a dollop of both yesterday.

Red and I found a pet store bang in the middle (ok, corner is more accurate) of the city and we took MLM there for a visit. His first visit to a zoo was less than stupendous and was memorable for the humidity and the hordes of people rather than the scores of animals he got  to view.

This pet store was quite nice. More of tropical and exotic birds abound but they were fantastic! And many to give MLM a run for his money what with their IQ of a 3 year old to his 2 year one and their vocab of 100+ words to his semi-gibberish :)

The puppy I'd spied on the window sill while driving by the last time around had been predictably picked up by someone but there was a regal white Persian cat who was too busy grooming itself to give us a glance. Either that or it really had a thing for the taste of its...ok let's not go there ;o)

There were kittens too..3 of them and the one I picked up clearly objected to my method of handling it. It unsheathed its claws and wanted to be dropped back into it's cushion post haste. The rabbit nibbled, the budgies budged all over and the macaw ate it's cereal without a care in the world.

And what was MLM doing during this time? He took a step back with the macaw flapping its big wings and was contented to NOT stroke it. It did do a bit of caressing to the kitten after being warned of not beeping it on the nose. And for the rest, he was just quite stunned to see and hear so much color and cacophony up close and all within touching distance.

I left word at the store to inform us if they get either of these pups...and within our purse strings. It makes more sense to buy diamonds rather than a pet at the prices they quoted...pedigree sure comes steep...verrry steep.

But I would like a dog around the house. I have a kid who follows me around and goes round and round as if he's chasing a tail. Seeing a dog do the same might just be more of the same stuff :)

Let's see what comes our way. I already have one pet...maybe it'll be easier if the pet has one of his own too.