05 November, 2010


So we made it, not entirely helter-skelter and definitely not anguished and aggressive like holiday travellers, but fairly smoothly to Pune.
No it's not exotic but it's an oasis pour moi. 

The place is fairly lush green (when compared to the ever-dwindling) greenery around my home) and is quite cozy I must admit. Hell, after the 2x2 flying box that we spent an hour in with a struggling munchkins, anyplace that he can have space to turn around in is palatial.
Be as that may, it's definitely nice to be up in the morning, yup it's me talking, and see pigeons cooing. My sis' neighbors have placed a plate with water outside their terrace for the chirpy cheep cheeps to come have their fill in and a fair number have been descending there since morn.
There are shrubs, bushes, trees and just GREEN stuff all around as far as I can see and this seems like a very nice place for a child to grow up.

Our place, though spacious, lacks a park and with constuction growing full-tilt the birds, creepy crawlies and even street dogs have taken off for quieter or better pastures. Imagine the effect on a little boy who loves dogs SO much that he'll even look out the window of a plane while it's pitch black outside just because his Mommy said there's a kukka (Telugu for dog).
Space- that's another thing looming it's nearly ugly head. My place isn't out of Good Homes and Gardening definitely but boy! tis got enough room for a barrel of monkeys to be rolling this way and that!
And since I've given birth to a monkey who aspires for his own barrel, you can imagine his small-child claustrophobia when cramped into a plane or any other place which is not like his house.
Oh he'll grow out of it eventually. Once in playschool when he's bumping shoulders with cute lil girls he won't mind the 'cramped quarters' and as he grows am sure he'll like as much closeness to the opposite sex as possible. 
Speaking of which, the little man's a letch. BIIIG time. He LOIKES stewardesses. He keeps calling them, ogling them in their little skirts and will leap into their arms and play with their...ahem...will pins and scarves and what not.
So in flight entertainment aside, he's not averse to anything else. The ear-popping hasn't bugged him till date of which am profoundly thankful. He always finds a person in the front row to practise his percussion skills on and there is always another kid, juice packet, some colorful person on board so he's FIINE.
Now if only the plane could accomodate his scooter, his blocks, his high chair, his couches then- he'd have nirmal anand. Oh! I'd have to find a dog too of course but by the time I find such a plane am sure the dogs will be frequent flyers along with us so...

Here's to idylls in Pune and hopefully a non-traumatised little man during Diwali.

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