14 February, 2011

A duh moment..

is what I've been having for a while now...and today was a maha 3 stooges moment! Minus the boinky music.

I had a face pack on and the offspring was trying to either lick it or touch it or basically just ascertain if it was mommy under the funny color. Anyhoo, suffice to say it that he did not get any of the stuff on his lil stubby fingers. But among the stuff in his path to reaching my face was a comb.

I promptly put it out of reach and forgot about it. Now it would be prudent to mention here that am blind as a bat and without glasses I was batty all the way!
By the time the war paint came off I realized that the comb was stuck behind my ponytail and it was THAT particular item that the son and heir was making a beeline for.

Quite a DOH! moment all in all but I guess banta hai...after gadzillions of subterfuges to hide things from him I keep finding those things all over the place. when I least expect it. 

The one thing they NEVER tell you about being preggers and after is that it addles your noggin like nothing else ever! And if you're anyhow lost somewhere between diaperland and baby mush then the addling is just insult to injury.

But my expression of surprise at seeing the comb perched in my own hair was a wonderful tribute to all that is dumb and Larry, Curly and Moe!

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