11 November, 2011

A First: Pet Store Visit

Pre-P.S: "This blog was written out but not posted towards the end of August. In a way it's good because there's an addendum to it and that's- ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
Once you read till the end it'll make more sense."

I never knew how much I liked animals or how long it's been since I handled a baby. I got a dollop of both yesterday.

Red and I found a pet store bang in the middle (ok, corner is more accurate) of the city and we took MLM there for a visit. His first visit to a zoo was less than stupendous and was memorable for the humidity and the hordes of people rather than the scores of animals he got  to view.

This pet store was quite nice. More of tropical and exotic birds abound but they were fantastic! And many to give MLM a run for his money what with their IQ of a 3 year old to his 2 year one and their vocab of 100+ words to his semi-gibberish :)

The puppy I'd spied on the window sill while driving by the last time around had been predictably picked up by someone but there was a regal white Persian cat who was too busy grooming itself to give us a glance. Either that or it really had a thing for the taste of its...ok let's not go there ;o)

There were kittens too..3 of them and the one I picked up clearly objected to my method of handling it. It unsheathed its claws and wanted to be dropped back into it's cushion post haste. The rabbit nibbled, the budgies budged all over and the macaw ate it's cereal without a care in the world.

And what was MLM doing during this time? He took a step back with the macaw flapping its big wings and was contented to NOT stroke it. It did do a bit of caressing to the kitten after being warned of not beeping it on the nose. And for the rest, he was just quite stunned to see and hear so much color and cacophony up close and all within touching distance.

I left word at the store to inform us if they get either of these pups...and within our purse strings. It makes more sense to buy diamonds rather than a pet at the prices they quoted...pedigree sure comes steep...verrry steep.

But I would like a dog around the house. I have a kid who follows me around and goes round and round as if he's chasing a tail. Seeing a dog do the same might just be more of the same stuff :)

Let's see what comes our way. I already have one pet...maybe it'll be easier if the pet has one of his own too.

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