01 January, 2012


That's the sound I tend to make when I'm stretching with arms flung out. And since it's before coffee am doing that mentally since my hands are busy :)

Was woken up with a phone call from the States. One of our family friends rang up and wished us and told me about his brand new granddaughter. Always nice to hear about babies being born and then the knee-jerk thought is, "beta...aage aage dekho hota hai kya!"

Am not malicious about babies being difficult or even tough to manage. It's a fact of life. Wouldn't you be cranky if you had a mobile over your bed and nothing but your toes and fingers to play with for the first few months of your life. Of course my son's been making up for that big time by reaching for everything (and I mean everything) that gets in his way, but I'll fix him yet. If he can be a brat then I'm the Brat-Neutralizer (fingers crossed and praying hard!!)

But let me talk about last night...oh glorious last night. The absolute last night of the year when I conked off way before midnight courtesy the rigors of having a 2 year old and having had wine after a long time. Thank goodness! Both these can dull your senses into oblivion I was Mayor of oblivion yesterday! I didn't hear the phone, the pings, feel the vibrations of emails, texts anything. I even missed out on the fireworks and just slept the night away. I honestly cannot think of a better way to end a year...sleeping peacefully. No dreams (that I can recollect) and no kid to take over my blanket or edge me off the bed. I slept in a nice cocoon of my sheets and when I woke up I wasn't even cross that it was still dark outside. Hey! It's a the first day of the new year...I'll be cranky tomorrow once Monday creeps in and I'm back to the routine.

I was talking to Red last night and it occurred to me that I've been spending all New Year's eves with him since the year we met. We have been to parties, met the requisite party drunks, bumped and spilled drinks in crowds and have also had cozy times. The cozy times are quite fun actually. While nothing compares to having a few good, like-minded friends around to share the laughs but I'm becoming a homebody.
It'll be a long time before I become a hermit but the last time I went out and danced the night away was well...a long time ago. Now it's more of cozy dos, entertaining friends at home.

But new beginnings to a new year or not, there are still things that don't change- laundry, the milk's to be boiled and the paper to be scanned before it's confiscated by two males- one who wants to read it, especially the sports page, the other who wants to tear it- no particular page.

To New Beginnings!


devilabhas said...

Have a happy 'kid-managing' managing year

Ayanti Reddy said...

It's all about mom-managing actually. I only have the illusion of control over him :D